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RVRS Medical Director Receives Governor’s Award

The 2017 Virginia EMS Symposium has come to a close, and some congratulations are certainly in order! We are extremely proud that our Medical Director, Dr. Jeff Ferguson, was the recipient of the 2017 Governor's EMS Award for Outstanding EMS Physician! Dr. Ferguson is a man of many talents, who in addition to serving as [...]

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RVRS First in Region to Deploy TXA

Our mission as an organization has been continually evolving, and we have found purpose in endeavoring to become an agent of change in EMS; our goal is not just to provide good medicine, but to actively improve the profession of Paramedicine. Part of the way we're doing this is by embracing the latest advances in [...]

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Not Just for Critical Patients

It's #SonoSunday! As most of you know, we have been striving to push our clinical game at RVRS, embracing the ideals of delivering high-quality medicine to the patient's side, at the site of illness or injury. The most visible part of this, because of its relative rarity in the field, has been our prehospital ultrasound program. [...]

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RVRS Honors 50 Years of Service

50 years of service! Today we had the pleasure of presenting Mr. Warren Winner with an award to mark this incredible achievement. This rescue squad and the community we serve owes a great debt gratitude to this individual, who has selflessly given his time, energy, and heart to volunteerism. And, thank you to Ross Trimmer [...]

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#SonoSunday: The Nuances of Pneumothorax

For this week's #SonoSunday, we look to the folks over at 5 Minute Sono for a great article on the nuances of detecting pneumothorax with POCUS, and what to look out for when using findings to guide your care in the field. Take a look and get your learn on: http://blog.5minsono.com/ptx/ #FOAMed #POCUS

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Introducing #FOAMed Friday!

Welcome to a new social media feature for RVRS, #FOAMedFriday! The uninitiated among you is probably asking "what the heck is FOAMed?" FOAM stands for Free Open Access Meducation; it's a movement among medical educators that recognizes the fact that the practice of medicine is something that evolves quickly, far more so than textbooks are [...]

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Prehospital Ultrasound Education

RVRS Conducts Prehospital Ultrasound Training Today, RVRS conducted the first prehospital ultrasound education session for our providers! We also hosted student Paramedics from Australian Catholic University, as well as two representatives from the Rwandan Ministry of Health, Jean Marie Uwitonze and Ignace Kabagema who are visiting Richmond as VCU-Crone Scholars! Our providers and our international [...]

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Train Like You Fight, Fight Like You Train

While our primary mission is to provide the highest quality emergency medical care to our patients, another significant part of what we do is educating EMS providers, and helping to advance the profession and practice of out-of-hospital medicine through provider development and providing training in new techniques and technologies. On Sunday, [...]

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