Prehospital Ultrasound Education

//Prehospital Ultrasound Education

Prehospital Ultrasound Education

RVRS Conducts Prehospital Ultrasound Training

Today, RVRS conducted the first prehospital ultrasound education session for our providers! We also hosted student Paramedics from Australian Catholic University, as well as two representatives from the Rwandan Ministry of Health, Jean Marie Uwitonze and Ignace Kabagema who are visiting Richmond as VCU-Crone Scholars!

Our providers and our international colleagues received lecture and hands-on ultrasound instruction from VCU Health Emergency Medicine residents Dr. Jerome Diskin and Dr. Amir Louka, focused on exams and techniques that are most relevant to the practice of out-of-hospital medicine. We are excited to be among the first EMS agencies in Virginia, and the first volunteer EMS agency, to equip EMS providers with this cutting-edge technology that will greatly enhance patient care.

Part of our mission as an agency is to help develop and deploy new techniques and technologies that advance our profession; we hope that as we establish this program, our experiences can be used to make ultrasonography more accessible in the out-of-hospital environment!

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