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Serving the Community, Supported by the Community

Even though we are a small, non-profit agency, that doesn’t mean that providing our services is an inexpensive endeavor. Receiving no subsidies or in-kind support from the City of Richmond, the burden of finding the funding to support our operation falls squarely on the shoulders of our volunteers; the same volunteers who are responding to the community’s calls for help.

Despite the fact that there is a taxpayer-funded EMS agency that fulfills the day-to-day emergency medical services needs of our city, the Richmond Volunteer Rescue Squad still plays a relevant and vital role. In addition to responding to emergencies, we educate new EMS professionals, and provide them with the valuable on-the-job training they need to launch their careers. We are committed to deploying new techniques and technologies to care for our patients, helping to advance the practice of out-of-hospital medicine across the Commonwealth. We provide leadership opportunities for our members, who are able to learn first-hand that there is far more to EMS than just responding to calls. And most importantly, we keep the flame of volunteerism, of neighbors helping neighbors, burning into the future.

We can’t do all of this alone, which is why we rely on the support of the community to keep our doors open. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, your contribution may be tax deductible, and will certainly make a difference for our organization, our providers, and the patients we serve.

What it Takes

There is far more to operating a volunteer EMS agency than most people think. Just our basic expenses, like fuel, supplies, insurance, and uniforms require at least $130,000 per year. On top of that, upcoming projects and equipment needs include:

Upgrading our cardiac monitors, devices that we use to defibrillate, monitor patients’ cardiac rhythm, and perform EKGs in the field, will cost us approximately $100,000.
Providing the best education available requires the best equipment available. Purchasing high-fidelity simulation manikins to train of providers can cost upwards of $20,000 each.
Our facility, that was built in 1969, is in desperate need of renovation. According to our architects, the renovations and upgrades required will cost approximately $250,000.
Emergency Response is hard on vehicles, and no matter how well they are maintained, they eventually have to be replaced. The cost of a new ambulance is often more than $100,000 each.
As communications technology advances, so do our needs. A new regional public safety radio system, due to be deployed in 2019, will force us to purchase up to $50,000 in new radio equipment.

Donate Now

Your generous donation will help RVRS continue our important mission of providing exemplary out-of-hospital medical care, while simultaneously helping to support the training and education of EMS providers. Please consider making a monthly gift, as your contribution may be tax deductible.

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