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Advanced Life Support, and Much More

Emergency Medical Services

Advanced Life Support services for emergency calls across the City of Richmond

Answering the Community's Call

Our Advanced Life Support ambulances and highly-trained providers bring the latest emergency medical technology and techniques to 9-1-1 emergency calls to every neighborhood in the city.

Training and Education

We provide initial certification, as well as continuing medical education to providers of all levels

Cutting-Edge EMS Education

From our renowned EMT-Basic courses, to advanced continuing education topics, we are providing the highest level of education available to EMS providers.

Special Event Management

Medical staffing for special events of all sizes

Safety in Numbers

From community cookouts to NASCAR races, RVRS has the resources and experience to enhance the safety of any special event. Email [email protected] for more information!

Bringing Good Medicine to Every Neighborhood of RVA


The scope of Emergency Medical Services has changed dramatically since we were founded over a half-century ago, and the Richmond Volunteer Rescue Squad remains ahead of the curve in our practice and technology.

Led by an outstanding clinical team that is headed by our Medical Director, Dr. Jeffrey Ferguson, the medics of the Richmond Volunteer Rescue Squad pride themselves in being leaders in the practice of prehospital medicine. Long gone are the days of “scoop and run”, where ambulances simply picked up sick and injured patients to deliver them to a hospital; our Advanced Life Support ambulances provision life-saving care in the field, in any environment and in all conditions. Using advanced diagnostic techniques and technology, our providers diagnose and treat our patients’ illness or injury, extending the life-saving care of the emergency department to the patient’s side, before they reach the hospital.

Our provider training programs are second-to-none, providing in-depth initial education for new EMTs that goes far beyond the minimum required curriculum. We incorporate simulation-based training in to our continuing education programs to ensure that our providers are prepared to meet any challenge, and require every EMT and Paramedic to attend quarterly skills labs to ensure competency with invasive procedures like endotracheal intubation, surgical cricothyrotomy, and needle thoracostomy.

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