RVRS First in Region to Deploy TXA

//RVRS First in Region to Deploy TXA

RVRS First in Region to Deploy TXA

Our mission as an organization has been continually evolving, and we have found purpose in endeavoring to become an agent of change in EMS; our goal is not just to provide good medicine, but to actively improve the profession of Paramedicine.

Part of the way we’re doing this is by embracing the latest advances in the practice of out-of-hospital medicine that are supported by the evidence.

With this in mind, RVRS is proud to announce that on May 15th, we will become the first agency in Central Virginia to begin delivering Tranexamic Acid, or TXA, to our most seriously injured patients.

TXA is a drug that promotes the body’s own clotting mechanisms, helping to slow blood loss in patients who have experienced significant trauma. We believe that the addition of this new drug, combined with other updates to our patient care protocols, will result in better outcomes, and give these patients a better chance of survival after their injury.

We would like to thank our Medical Director, Dr. Jeffrey Ferguson, our Training Officer, Jeff Sayles, and our Operations Chief, Tom Hudson for working so hard to bring this and other innovations to RVRS. Watch the video below to see Jeff and Tom talk about TXA, as well as our goals and motivations as an agency!

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