Train Like You Fight, Fight Like You Train

//Train Like You Fight, Fight Like You Train

Train Like You Fight, Fight Like You Train

While our primary mission is to provide the highest quality emergency medical care to our patients, another significant part of what we do is educating EMS providers, and helping to advance the profession and practice of out-of-hospital medicine through provider development and providing training in new techniques and technologies.

On Sunday, we hosted another advanced airway and scenario training event; our providers, as well as providers from the Richmond Ambulance Authority participated in ALS airway refreshers, training on the use of video laryngoscopy, surgical airway techniques, as well as pediatric scenario-based simulation training. This 10-hour long event featured a hands-on pig trachea lab, video laryngoscopes from IntuBrite that will soon be deployed on our ambulances, simulation equipment from the VCU Health Center for Trauma and Critical Care Education, and lecture content from our Medical Director, Dr. Jeffrey Ferguson.

We hope that everyone found the information presented helpful in their practice, and thank everyone who helped make the day successful!

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